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About Us

The Beginning

“As a young girl, I had dreams of coming to Canada from Guangzhou China to start my own business. When I arrived, I did not know how challenging it was to start a new business in a new country. I had a young family and worked at the local grocery store. I soon discovered my interests in flowers and enrolled myself in floral design school at the local college in Toronto, Canada. My vision was to one day to bring joy to people’s lives through beautiful flowers and luscious green plants. This dream came true, when I opened Bloor Village
Flowers in 1989.”
Melissa C, Bloor Village Flowers (Founder/Owner)

The Commitment
With over 30 years of experience and a passion for flowers, we are a family-owned business that strives to make every floral arrangement a work of art. A beloved institution in the local community, Bloor Village Flowers is a testament to the power of family, culture and female entrepreneurship. We believe that flowers bring happiness and beauty to any space. We offer a wide range of floral services, including same-day delivery and custom designs for any occasion. We are honoured to be voted as one of the top florists in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Future

“Watching my mother operate her business for over 3 decades in the Bloor West Village area, gave me the courage to dream big. I remember as a kid, how humble her fellow neighbours and customer were. When I grew older, I assisted my mother with her business by delivering flowers to her loyal customers. The best part of the experience was seeing their faces light up when they received a beautiful bouquet or a lovely plant. During this time of uncertainty, I felt encouraged to re-create that feeling of being a good neighbour and spread the love of nature to new and existing flower and plant enthusiasts."
Chris C, Bloor Village Flowers (Co-Owner/Design Consultant)